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In Getting America Back to Work, America's best known and foremost union organizer and an award-winning University economist show how to put money and.
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STEP 1 To find the shortest route to your next job, you need to create a plan that is detailed in every way. The ideal plan will be solution oriented, results driven, marketing based, inexpensive to execute, realistic and specific. Here are some ideas for incorporating those elements into your job-search plan. Rarely is it the most qualified candidate who gets hired.

In the real world, jobs often go to those who best position themselves as the solution to a problem. Like a runner training for a marathon, you must measure your progress. Doing so tells you how close you are to your goal. It also keeps you motivated and committed to your plan.

Measuring results requires you to track certain details. Here are a few of the dozens of proven tactics from my book, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters , that you can track: In business, the companies with the best marketing usually win.

Step 1: Locate Your Target Companies

Winning the War for Talent is similar. It requires you to become proficient at marketing yourself better than other candidates.

Get America Back To Work

Looking for a job is a sales and marketing activity — and you are the product. For more on how to brand yourself for free, visit GuerrillaJobHunting. Knowing what you want to do is good. You may be pleasantly surprised at how your current skill set can transfer to other industries. Sometimes you may have to take a temporary step backward to move forward in a new career. Knowing the exact title and function of the job you seek gives you a clear, specific goal, with no possibility for error.

So, get clear and get specific. The more, the better. When the opportunity came along to design the new two-seater convertibles for Saturn and Chrysler, she recognized her chance to hit not one, but two home runs in her career. Please read that sentence again.

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With a specific goal in mind, you can organize your job search and networking efforts with a laser-like focus. Yes, some people are lucky and fall into great jobs, but luck as Tom Peters says is terribly unpredictable. The one constant in all successful job searches, however, is clarity of purpose. It will give you the goal you seek and the fuel to reach it. So, get specific, get clear, get busy. Kevin Donlin, creator of GetHiredNow. TV also contributed to this article. Are you a job seeker looking for how to deal with recruiters?

The Perry-Martel International, Inc. I was once pitched the perfect VP of Marketing job for a C-level position in my industry. I remember the scope of the job being impressive. It was a new position that reported into the President; it was responsible for all marketing related functions like strategic and tactical planning, market segmentation, product marketing, product management and development, recruitment and management of the marketing team, marketing communications, lead generation, creation and support of joint-marketing partnerships, educating potential clients, and optimizing resources to assist the sales team.

While I was tempted because of the product management responsibilities, I was already in my dream job with a boss I loved reporting into and working with, a management team that I had fun working with, and team that I adored. It was an interesting exercise to receive phone calls from recruiters quietly calling into our company switch board to talk with me. To put it mildly, this measurement is largely meaningless.

The only true measurement that is an accurate gauge of progress is this one: No other measurement is more meaningful in your job search. Every single day I hear or read comments such as these from job seekers: While such frustrations and laments are certainly understandable, the fact of the matter is, these job seekers are measuring—and working on—the wrong things! When engineers and construction managers build something home, skyscraper, road, bridge, etc.

The power of this flow diagram is that it lays out the critical path for completing the project in the minimal amount of time. And within the chart, there is always a critical activity around which everything else depends. Everything done before this one critical activity must only be those things necessary to make that one thing happen, and nothing after the critical activity can be accomplished until the critical activity itself is accomplished.

When building a home, for example, completing the roof is the critical activity. Every one of these subsequent activities is dependent upon the roof being on. Thus, since putting the roof is on is THE critical activity, all activities prior to the roof must be those that are focused on getting the roof on as fast as possible. So clearing the land, digging and pouring the foundation, putting up the frame, etc. The same principle holds true in your job search.

Your most critical activity, i. This one number, more than anything else, allows you to accurately assess the effectiveness and progress of your job search. And the power that it provides you is that it gives you the opportunity to modify your job search activities immediately to ensure that you will stay on track. It is not until you have the 1FTF scheduled that you can prepare for the interview. What matters is whether or not you are converting them into 1FTF interviews. It makes absolutely no difference how many job openings I am aware of.

Networking with the Newly Departed

The only thing that matters is getting the first time face-to-face interview scheduled and completed! Without that, I am out of business. It is THE critical activity in the job placement world and should also be yours. Why 1FTFs and not some other measurement? First, seldom is a person hired without someone in a company meeting him or her for the first time.

Thus, additional interviews are a variable whereas the 1FTF is a constant. So, how many 1FTF interviews does it take to get an actual job offer? In , it took 2. In , the number was 6 1FTF interviews to make a placement. Now that you know it takes 4. To restate and summarize, to accurately assess your job search progress at any point, focus exclusively and quite heavily upon the only true measurement in the process: Everything pivots around the 1FTF.

A distinguished graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point, he is a lifelong student of leadership, people and the principles of success.

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While serving in the U. Visit or contact Skip at his book website, http: This powerful Google function, used in conjunction with LinkedIn, allows you to search all public profiles within the entire LinkedIn database! There are really only two limitations to using the Google X-Ray function: In the best of years, millions of jobs are lost. But nearly always a simultaneous and even greater burst of new jobs has been created to offset the jobs lost—millions of new jobs every year.

Enough to provide jobs for those who have been laid off, as well as for new entrants like high-school and college graduates into our work force. Just to keep up with population growth, the economy needs to create about , new jobs a month. Furthermore, Spain is considered the leader in trying to stimulate the creation of green jobs.

Its unemployment rate ranks among the highest in the world, at Meanwhile, all that private-sector employers see on the horizon are higher taxes, higher employment costs, more federal mandates, more punitive bureaucracies, and gigantic federal deficits that crowd out private-sector capital. Employers are not hiring because they fear that all these conditions will diminish their ability to maintain sufficient financial resources with which to hire more workers.

Getting America back to work

In fact, just the specter of these increased costs has deterred increased hiring in the private sector. The economic shock of higher taxes needs to be avoided by not letting the and tax cuts expire this year. Unspent stimulus funds should be redirected to advance the broad-based tax incentives that promote expanding and launching private-sector enterprises. And we need to push for trade agreements that open new markets for American exports. Much can still be done to promote across-the-board job creation. But Washington policymakers have to understand the adverse implications of their actions on job creation, a goal they profess to desire, and they must reorder some of their priorities.